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The Best Cars of All Sizes and Colors

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When it comes to shopping for cars, the selection has never been broader. New formats are bursting onto the market while others fade away, with SUVs in various shapes and sizes becoming the best-selling vehicles around and hybrid or electric power zapping some areas of the industry like never before.

With the right balance of value and quality, an automobile can make your commute a joy. But with the vast selection available, it can be difficult to know where to begin. To help you, we’ve compiled our list of the best cars that provide the most bang for your buck.

Whether you’re looking for a family sedan or a sports car, the best models offer comfort, space and safety features for your passengers. Depending on your budget, you can choose from the many subcompacts and compacts that have been engineered to maximize interior space and efficiency, or the midsize sedans that offer the latest in technology and luxury features. The best sedans can offer the performance you need for highway driving, while the best hatchbacks and convertibles provide ample cargo space, all-season capability and a variety of passenger amenities.

The best compact cars focus on maneuverability and agility, with the smallest models able to squeeze four people in a tight footprint. They are also the best at maximizing fuel economy and often feature a low starting price that makes them affordable to buy.

If you’re shopping for a small car that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or cargo room, the best cars in this category include many models that are highly rated by both experts and consumers alike. Some of them have received the highest safety ratings in their class, while others offer exceptional fuel economy or are designed with advanced connectivity and driver assistance features.

A hatchback is an ideal vehicle for urban living because it provides plenty of cargo room and has a sloping roofline that improves visibility and headroom. The 2024 Volkswagen Beetle is a great example of how hatchbacks have evolved over time to meet the needs of modern motorists, while the Mazda CX-5 has a reputation for being among the most reliable hatchbacks in its class.

The 2023 World Luxury Car winner is the BMW i7, but other worthy contenders were the Genesis GV60, Hyundai Ioniq 6, Kia Niro EV and Lucid Air. The process for deciding which models were the best in their classes involves rigorous testing and a panel of journalists who evaluate every aspect of each contender.

Forbes Wheels identifies the best models in each class by analyzing several categories, including power, handling, infotainment and safety. The Luxury Car category recognizes vehicles that prioritize occupant comfort, ride quality, features, performance and fit and finish over other considerations such as price. Luxury Cars that earn this distinction are also rewarded with the prestigious Forbes Wheels Gold Award. In addition, Forbes Wheels awards a separate Luxury Car Best Buy Award for the most affordable luxury model that offers a full range of amenities.

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