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The Best Cars of 2023

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The best cars are the ones that excel in our road tests, come equipped with important safety features and have solid reliability ratings. They offer an outstanding value and a great ownership experience, too. Some of these vehicles even earn a special Green Car designation from Consumer Reports for their excellent fuel economy.

This year, hybrids and electric vehicles make up the majority of our 10Best winners. And with more models earning Green Car status, you have more choices than ever when it comes to a clean, low-polluting vehicle.

CR’s 2023 Top Picks

A decade after it last appeared on our list, the Supra returns with a new version that delivers track-ready handling and plenty of smiles. Its available manual transmission adds to the enjoyment, taking driver and machine connection to a higher level.

With its sexy shape, the BMW Z4 makes an impact on the road with its athleticism and engaging drive. The quickest versions can accelerate from 0 to 60 in just over four seconds. And for those who want to stretch their dollars, there’s a fuel-efficient four-cylinder model.

It may be one of the oldest models on this list, but the Ford Focus still has a lot going for it: It’s easy to live with, gets good fuel economy and is loaded with user-friendly tech. Those traits earned it a spot in our 2023 10Best list.

Compact SUVs are some of the most popular vehicles on the market, thanks to their easy driving dynamics and surprisingly spacious interiors. The top scorers on our list have a little something extra: All-wheel drive, high cargo capacities or upscale comfort features. The Toyota Prius is our pick for a fuel-efficient SUV that has the added benefit of a perfect reliability score from Consumer Reports. The Honda CR-V follows suit with a roomy cabin, top safety scores and a versatile hybrid powertrain. The Kia Sorento also ranks highly for its advanced tech and comfortable ride.

Midsize SUVs have more legroom and cargo space than small or compact SUVs, but they can be a pain to maneuver in city traffic. The top scorers on our list are the Honda Pilot and Subaru Ascent for their nimble handling, easy-to-use infotainment systems and impressive safety ratings. The Hyundai Santa Fe and Chevy Tahoe have a lot to offer families, too, including good gas mileage and plenty of towing capacity.

The Mercedes E-class prioritizes soul-soothing tranquility over heart-pounding thrills, and it succeeds with its serene ride quality and luxurious standard features. The electric iX is a glimpse into BMW’s future, with gut-punch acceleration and a quiet, futuristic cabin.

While the BMW 7-series and Mercedes E-class are standouts, their hefty price tags make them hard to justify as first-car purchases for most young drivers. That’s why we’ve rounded up some less expensive options for teens, which we’ll be updating throughout the year as they complete our testing.

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