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How Luxury Cars Turn Heads

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Luxury cars can turn heads whether you’re pulling up to the valet stand or rolling up to a formal event. The cars may not always be the newest models, but their impeccable design and luxurious features make them stand out from the crowd. The cars are often the work of renowned automakers that know how to perfectly blend technology, performance and comfort into one beautifully designed vehicle. While many believe that only sedans are considered luxury vehicles, there are actually plenty of other car types available to choose from including SUVs and hatchbacks.

The luxury car experience begins with the exterior and continues through the cabin. The defining traits of luxury cars are refined aesthetics, premium materials and elegant accents. Many of these vehicles are also equipped with state-of-the-art safety features that can improve driver and passenger safety.

Many of the top luxury brands also offer exclusive ownership experiences that include special perks and events for their customers. For example, some of the top luxury brands offer a concierge service that helps drivers book travel or restaurant reservations. Others provide a dedicated customer service hotline or special perks for frequent fliers.

A luxury car can help you feel good about yourself. It can boost your confidence and inspire pride when you pull into the driveway or the parking lot. Some luxury cars even come with a high-end entertainment system that can keep passengers entertained during long road trips.

It’s important to consider the resale value of a luxury car when shopping for a new one or a used luxury car. Many of the best luxury cars hold their value well when compared to other vehicles in their class, making them a good choice for buyers who want to get a return on their investment. Each year, Kelley Blue Book ranks the top resale value vehicles in its segments, and eight of the 15 winners are from luxury brands or cost more than $30,000.

When shopping for a luxury vehicle, it’s essential to take the time to research the different brands and models. Look for reviews, crash tests and other information on the vehicle’s history. You can do this by obtaining a Vehicle History Report from a dealership or using an online service like Car Fax.

In the United States, European car manufacturers remain dominant with BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Porsche topping the list of luxury vehicle brands. In addition to these popular brands, several Japanese and American car makers have luxury models available as well. Some of these include Acura, which is a division of Honda, and Jaguar and Land Rover, which are part of the Tata Motors group. Despite having lower price tags, these brands don’t have the same brand cachet as some of the top-ranked luxury cars.

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