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The Best British Cars

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The UK is home to a number of great car manufacturers. From iconic sports cars to family friendly models, there’s something for everyone here.

MG is one of the most popular British brands today. Their cars offer an enjoyable driving experience, low running costs and good levels of equipment. Their latest model, the MG ZS, is available as either a coupe or convertible and features a stylish exterior design.

Jaguar is another British-based car company that’s known for its luxury vehicles. The company’s XF, XK and new Cullinan SUV are among the most popular models from the firm. Rolls-Royce is also a big name in the British auto industry, producing high-end luxury cars and other vehicles like aircraft engines and train locomotives.

Nissan is another car manufacturer that’s based in the UK, making the Juke and Qashqui in their factory in Sunderland. They made just over half a million vehicles in 2012 alone.

Toyota is another major car manufacturer in the country, with their factory in Burnaston producing over a quarter of a million vehicles each year. They’re best known for their Corolla, Auris and Avensis models.

Ford is another of the biggest car companies in Britain, with their Focus and Mondeo models among their best sellers. Their UK-built Ranger pickup is also a hit.

Vauxhall is a firm that’s been through some turbulent times in recent years, but they still make a large number of different vehicles at their Ellesmere Port factory. Their Astra is a popular choice with drivers.

During the 1970s, several British firms began to lose ground to foreign competitors. BLMC’s new Morris Marina and Austin Allegro family cars were not popular on export markets, and were criticised for their bland styling by motoring journalists. In addition, internal rivalries, retention of legacy marques and models, labour disputes, supplier problems and inefficient use of new production equipment all hindered attempts at modernisation.

However, the new generation of Rover SD1s signalled the start of rationalisation at BLMC, and these were followed by the Maestro and Montego in the 1980s and the Honda-built MG Metro in the early 1990s.

In the sports car market, Aston Martin is a name that needs no introduction. This firm has produced some of the fastest and most memorable cars ever created.

There are many other great British sports car makers, from small startups to long-established names. Some of them have even been featured in Hollywood films.

Performance, or “Roadster” cars, are a category of vehicle that’s becoming increasingly popular in the UK and beyond. These cars are designed to bring some of the excitement of racing and sports cars onto everyday roads, for all kinds of drivers.

There are a few startup companies that make these types of cars in the UK, including Marlin and Elemental. Another new name in the market is Axon Automotive, which uses a unique manufacturing process to make lightweight structural components. The new technology could revolutionise the way we produce cars, and help reduce both their weight and emissions.

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