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The Best British Cars

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With a storied history that includes the first ever steam-powered car, Britain has punched well above its weight when it comes to producing impressive cars. From the iconic Mini to the best modern day offerings from manufacturers such as Jaguar, Rolls-Royce and McLaren, Britain produces a range of vehicles that are sure to impress.

In fact, if you look at the world’s top 20 cars, many of them are British-designed and built. While the UK once led the global automobile industry, the country’s production output has fallen over the years. The reason is that the UK has lost market share to countries like Japan, South Korea and China who have managed to produce more cars at a lower price.

However, there are still a few notable British companies that make some of the most desirable cars in the world. While some have been bought by foreign companies, the likes of Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Jaguar still maintain a presence on the world stage.

Some of the most popular British models include the classic Ford Cortina and the Lotus Elise. The former was a hit with both private and company motorists during its 12-year run, while the latter’s design helped to herald the rise of the modern SUV crossover.

Other noteworthy British car brands include MG, which makes a wide range of models from hatchbacks to sedans. The latest model is the MG ZS, which looks great, offers a relaxing ride and is very fuel efficient.

The MG ZS also offers a plug-in hybrid version for those who want to do their bit for the environment. Other models in the range are the MG3 and the MG TF.

Rover is largely remembered these days as a manufacturer of staid vehicles, but in the sixties and seventies its designs were cutting-edge. The SD1 – which looked like a Ferrari Daytona and had innovative production techniques – was an important car, and the brand would later go on to make the Rover Vitesse, which was a respected exec car.

Aston Martin manufactures luxury sports cars and grand tourers that are the epitome of British heritage. The company’s sleek models are renowned for their handling and are favoured by celebrities and royalty.

Other notable cars from the British manufacturer include the Vantage, the DB9 and the Aston Martin DBR9. The latter two models are incredibly fast, with the DB9 being especially impressive on the track.

Noble Cars is another manufacturer that’s making a name for itself in the world of ultra-fast sports cars. While other supercar makers rely on technology to assist the driver, Noble uses brute power and raw acceleration to deliver an uncompromising driving experience.

The prices of british cars vary depending on the make and model you choose. To help you find the right one, we have analyzed starting on-the-road (OTR) prices for some of the most popular small, medium and larger cars on the UK market today. These prices are based on a number of factors, including delivery charges, number plates, road tax (which depends on the vehicle’s emissions), and the first government registration fee.

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