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What You Should Know About Luxury Cars

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Luxury cars are the top dogs in a class that also includes the likes of SUVs, pickup trucks and hatchbacks. A luxury vehicle has a higher emphasis on comfort and appearance over economy, utility or performance. It’s a car that makes heads turn whether at the local country club or when it rolls up to your next formal event. These vehicles are often made with special materials and offer more modern technology than their mass-market competitors. And although their prices tend to be higher than some of the mainstream models they’re based on, many luxury cars are still very affordable.

Some drivers consider the price of a vehicle to be the true measure of luxury, but price isn’t the only factor when it comes to luxury cars. Other factors include design and sophistication. Some people may consider any vehicle that has the look of luxury, including those with faux leather interiors and other non-leather components. Others might only consider a luxury model if it has features that aren’t available in the more mainstream versions of the same vehicle.

Many luxury vehicles have a sleek, aerodynamic design with powerful engines that can accelerate and corner very quickly. A quick test drive at a racetrack can help you see what these cars are really capable of. If you’re ready for a serious thrill ride, you can take a luxury vehicle for a spin with a professional driver who knows the car well.

Regardless of what specific design and features you’re looking for in a luxury car, the fact is that these models are built to last and made to increase safety. These aren’t cheap cars, and they don’t usually get a lot of miles from their owners either. In some cases, these are hand-built vehicles, and they’re worth the extra expense.

The top luxury brands are well known for their meticulous engineering, timeless elegance and consistent refinement. Mercedes-Benz, for example, offers sedans and SUVs that are the height of luxury, with some specialty editions to add a more personal touch. BMW is another luxury manufacturer with a wide array of models, and its 7-Series sedan is a great choice for those who want to blend performance with comfortable accommodations.

Acura, Honda’s luxury division, also has a broad lineup of luxury cars, including SUVs and sedans that deliver plenty of advanced features for the money. This company has been a leader in introducing some of the latest advanced safety and driver assist technology, which is typically first offered on its high-end vehicles before making its way down to mainstream models.

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