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A Rundown of the Best British Cars

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The British automotive industry has produced some incredible cars over the years. These vehicles have become icons for their beauty, performance and history, but more importantly – they’ve made driving fun. Whether you’re going around the track at 200mph like Lewis Hamilton or simply enjoying the ride with your loved ones, there’s no denying that getting behind the wheel of a great car can make your heart sing.

Despite recent economic and political turmoil – Brexit, for example – the UK’s auto makers have been quietly making a comeback in the market place. And while some brands have sadly passed into foreign hands, there are still plenty of options to choose from. From luxury sports cars to budget family vehicles, here’s a rundown of some of the best british cars currently on offer.

Aston Martin

Founded in 1913, Aston Martin is the epitome of the British luxury car brand. Its eye-catching performance sports cars and grand tourers leave enthusiasts drooling and their DB5 models have even appeared in a James Bond movie!


Founded by former Formula One racing driver Bruce McLaren, this company is renowned for its high-performance cars. Its incredibly light and maneuverable vehicles have won seven Formula 1 championship titles. The company continues to produce some of the world’s fastest and most beautiful cars.


Known for its elegant designs and powerful engines, Jaguar’s lineup includes everything from the entry-level XE to the head-turning F-Type. The British automaker is also a popular choice for drivers looking for a reliable vehicle with plenty of storage space and an excellent safety record.


Founded in 1959, the Mini has gone from humble beginnings to global cult status. Its iconic design has stood the test of time, and it remains a popular choice for buyers who want to stand out from the crowd.


A popular option for new drivers, the compact Vauxhall Astra is easy to drive and has a large boot. It’s also a good value choice for families, and it can be found on many lease deals.

Land Rover

A big name in the British car industry, the Land Rover is synonymous with off-road capability and adventure. It’s been the vehicle of choice for members of the British Royal Family – including Queen Elizabeth II – and it’s also recognizable all over the world as a symbol of wealth and success.

The company has recently undergone a major transformation, but it’s still one of the most successful British manufacturers in the world. And, while the brand has been bought by an international conglomerate, the Land Rover model still continues to be crafted and assembled in England.

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